How To Create A Collage In Photoshop Elements

An image for using photoshop

An image for using photoshop

1. Open Elenments.

File >  New >  Blank File

Enter: Width -1500px, Height – 1000px, Resolution -300ppi

2. Go to File > Place and then open your background texture


3. Adjust the Colour and the size of the image

4. Place your second photo using the same method before


5. Add a layer mask in order to hide some of the pixels on this layer

6. The layer mask will be filled with white. In a layer mask, the colour white keeps the image on the current layer, while the colour black erases the pixels on the current layer.

7. Select the Gradient Tool from the toolbar. Open the fradient picker and select the foreground to background gradient. Then choose the Linear Gradient.

8. Draw a line from the top center to the bottom center of the photo.

9. Using white soft-edged paintbrush to make the photo more obviouse

10. Go to File > Place and choose the text image


11. In the Layers Panel, change the opacity to 40% and create another layer mask to get rid of the writing over the flowers.

12. Change the foreground colour to black and paint over the flower area to hide the writing and you can get a perfect photo collage.

An image for using photoshop

An image for using photoshop